Geographic Position
Located between Europe and Asia, Turkey has a rich geographic setting, which offers you various locations that are perfect for doubling; from the mountains that look like the Alps, green fields that resemble Ireland and Arabian Peninsula in the South East cities. Although Turkey has four distinct seasons, depending on the location you can shoot spring, summer, autumn and winter scenes throughout the year such as a skiing scene on a snowy mountain in Bursa and then a swimming scene on the beach in the same day in Antalya for about nine months of the year. Turkey’s accommodation facilities range from multinational hotel chains to small family run hotels and airports across Turkey welcome 12,000 international flights per week.
The City Of Istanbul
Although the capital of Turkey is Ankara, Istanbul is the heart of the country. Istanbul offers a mix of old city charm and twenty-first century modernity. It is an exquisite city, home to historical marvels such as the Grand Bazaar, Galata Tower, Suleymaniye mosque, Golden Horn and Basilica Cistern. On the other hand, there are stylish neighbourhoods like Karakoy, Bebek and Moda where you can find hipster coffee shops and local bars. The Bosphorus Bridge is in the middle of the city colliding Europe and Asia continents. Besides its uniqueness, Istanbul is also home to production companies, technical crews, casting agencies, studios and facilities.