Budgeting and Production
We deeply analyse and optimize your budget. You already save money by choosing us! We hire and assign the best crew to ensure that all of your needs are fully satisfied. Remember that language is not a barrier, our teams speak English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.
Location Scouting
You need a location by the sea or authentic surroundings? Just brief us on what you’re looking for and we find the right place for you. Due to geographic advantages and cultural background Turkey offers you a wide selection of places to shoot your film; whether an architecture worthy of modern capitals or authentic mosques, old shops and streets. We also work with a fleet of studios offering a wide variety of facilities within Istanbul.
We hire you the local actors, models, extras or stunts you need and make sure your international cast is hosted well. Turkey is a real melting pot for all nationalities and ethnicities which explains why a large number of casting agencies are located here. This enables us to offer you a wide selection of cast in diverse personnas or profiles.
Work Permits and Shooting Authorization
We solve all kind of creative barriers and cultural issues that might arouse while filming in real locations. We apply and obtain all kind of permissions on filming, access to work permits and get authorization for shooting. Thanks to our our experienced team and know-how on procedures, you get all approvals you need in the nick of time.
Equipment and Technical Crew
You bring your own crew but just need the technical set-up or equipments? Don’t worry we got it all covered with the latest high tech stuff . We provide you the most up-to-date high tech equipment: 35mm Cameras, Digital Cameras, Special Purpose Lenses, Anamorphic Lenses, Digital Lenses, Underwater Equipment, Dollies & Accessories, Grip, Rigs, Cranes, Remote Systems, Stabilized head, the latest versions of light equipments and Drones. We hire the best local crew with extensive experience on international film production projects who can operate all kinds of high-tech equipment. All in competitive prices!
Art Department / Hair & Make Up / Wardrobe
Our team used to work up to international standards and have become well known world-wide with the high level of dedication to their work. Ranging from historical periods to modern times, our team answers all requirements of your Art, Hair & Make Up and Wardrobe departments.